Argumentative Essay On Animal Testing

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Animal testing is a setback on a healthy future. We test chemicals that we use every day on animals. It’s surprising; we do this so often without thinking twice. Imagine if a giant that we have no power against tested on us. We’d rally and protest and do anything to get our way. Just because animals don’t organize huge rallies against our actions, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel pain. By now you’re probably wondering, Hasn't anybody done anything about this? We get mad at the slightest of things, so surely this hasn’t been overlooked? Well, it has. In my opinion, I think that animal testing has proven to be an unnecessary suffering that can easily be substituted. The Animal Welfare Act protects animals from being tested on. It is a document…show more content…
Why isn’t it being widely used? Myths and laziness. According to the “Code of Federal Regulations 2000”, page 588, it states that neither the FHSA or Commission's regulations require animal testing, and human results are preferred! So it wasn’t even required! And, the FHSA is open to in-vitro testing. Yet, we still use animal testing. And, in the case that an animal test is conducted, it clearly states that it is preferred that animals go through minimal stress. And here is the shocker. In-vitro testing is actually cheaper than whole animal testing. If we used the money that we used for in-vivo testing, we would have a way more advanced in-vitro technology and more accurate results. $7.3 million of tax goes towards animal testing. There are many alternative methods, such as a synthetic liver built by a company named Empirioki that can predict liver disease, which is just as accurate as one thousand rats and one hundred dogs. There are also in silico modeling, where we use computers to model our system. There are many cheaper, more accurate than our current animal testing. It’s a method that is inaccurate, costly, and in my opinion,

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