Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing

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In the 1950’s a wonder drug named thalidomide was released before being properly tested. People would soon learn thalidomide was dangerous for people after 10,000 children were born with missing limbs and a variety of malformations (Hajar,2011). Over time laws have been made in many countries so that a drug must go through many forms of testing to prove that it is safe for human consumption. The most common method for test if a drug, or substance is safe to humanity is animal testing. For many decades people have used animals for the testing of drugs,and various other types of medical research. The usage of animals in research is necessary to help protect as many people as possible from the possible negative effects of the tested medicines. Animals necessary in medical research The use of animals in research is important to make sure that a treatment is safe.This means that so a large group of people will not hurt. The drug thalidomide was released without animal testing and hurt thousand of people (Hajar,2011) . It is possible that if animal testing had been used people could have made sure the drug was safe, and greatly reduce the amount of people affected. The usage of animal testing is the most efficient way to test out that a medicine is safe before a drug is released to the public. In a paper by Rachel…show more content…
This is the main reason people oppose the use of animals in medical research. Animals are important and should not be injured for no reason. The reason animals testing for medical reason is right is because you are doing this with the purpose to safe like not take it. The research is used to try to help as many people as possible. You want to save as many lives as possible with the exchange of a few as possible. The reasons that people are against animal testing good, but the testing to save the lives of people far out ways the negative effects of animal
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