Whole Foods Swot Analysis

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Whole Foods Weaknesses Whole Foods is without a doubt considered to be the Tiffany’s and Starbucks of the organic retail market of grocers all around the world. Whole Foods Tends to target only the middle class if at that, to higher upper income household’s buyers. A fun fact that is pretty interesting is the main consumers of Whole Foods make an average of $75,000 a year. Having most consumers of your business making on average $75,000 a year you can almost tell without setting a foot in a Whole Foods that the products and food they sell are much priced than your local Publix or Winn-Dixie. Whole Foods is infamously known also as “Whole Pay Check” because Whole Foods prices are higher priced than most other grocery stores as mentioned above.…show more content…
These subsidize of money that is given to these farmers are not given to organic farmers so this makes it easier for other farmers not growing organic products to mass produce fruits and vegetables thus creating cheaper prices for their products to consumers making consumers to lean sometimes to the obvious cheaper goods. (Marketing Teacher). • Brand image is another weakness that Whole Foods has occasionally because of recalls they have that affect the brand image. This can negatively effect customer loyalty within the company. When customers see an abundance of frequent items that they tend to purchase being pulled from shelves time to time it makes them think twice before shopping at Whole Foods. This is an easy way to lose a great customer base. • The fact that there are more regular farmers than organic farmers is making it difficult to keep up with the new demand of the new health craze era. Many organic farmers are not able to keep up with the new demands of Whole Foods especially. This creates Whole Foods to inflate some of their common product prices they sell where you can easily can find elsewhere for much cheaper, however; not

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