Swot Analysis Of Whole Foods

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It should be no doubt that John Mackey really has a very strong, focused strategic vision. Started at the time when natural food was a relatively new concept and that nutritional as well as environmental issues were being raised among Western countries, it takes the right time, the right place, and the right social connections for Whole Foods Market deal to succeed. And it is appreciated that even it has now grown into the nation’s leading natural food chain, his belief in preservation and sustainability is still being followed. Their slogan, “Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet”, is not just window dressing and nice words, but Whole Foods has strongly put this motto into practice. In my opinion, Whole Food’s passion for food and high standards…show more content…
“Whole Planet” is a strong statement about the company’s intent to run its business in a manner that is consistent with what is good for all, including the environment. Their active support of organic farming and sustainable agriculture has triggered awareness and action to remedy the problems in food system is to be there for all to see. Having “Take Action food centers” for customers to excess environmental issues in stores, hosting “Let’s Retake Our Planets” to educate people to take charge in their food choices, donating money to charities and establishing systems to raise awareness to the treatment of animals are examples that can prove they are dedicated to natural foods, but for more, they want to create a green with the whole…show more content…
Supermarkets are introducing “lifestyle” stores and departments like Shaw’s Wild Harvest section and Safeway’s “Lifestyle” stores. Grocers like Wal-Mart have begun offering natural food in supercenter stores. Discount retailers like Targets, Sam’s Club and Costo are offering products which can be found in Whole Foods at lower prices. These are all competitions that Whole Foods are facing, not to mention those premium organic food markets like Trader Joe’s. However, Whole Foods has been holding a very strong position in the market. I believe their core values on “Whole Foods”, “Whole People” and “Whole Planet” would always be their unique tools for brand differentiation and opportunity exploration to make them stand out in the industry. As the quality of natural foods imported by the supermarkets and grocers are uneven, customers will still be won over to Whole Foods’ dedication to stringent quality standards. Also, normal retailers cannot offer services that can be experienced in Whole Foods. And their social appreciation gained from communities services would never be changed for sure. Nevertheless, under the threats from existing competitors and new entrants, the power of their brand will gradually decline if Whole Foods remains

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