Mc Donald's Case Study

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3) You work with a general manager keen to improve the performance of the company in the coming year. Prepare a report explaining factors that improve company’s performance. Provide relevant example for each factor in illustrating your answer. If I am a manager of the Mc Donald's, I will prepare a report include following factors: 1. Assess and analysis own situation 2. Define the Goal 3. Identify strategies for achieving your goals 4. Develop a plan for implementing your strategies The first factor I will focus on is to collect information for assessment and analysis the company’s situation. Main ways of assessment and analysis I will choose is SWOT analysis and competitive benchmarking, basic on the market…show more content…
And Mc Donald's also have them own competitive advantage: One of is change the menu depends on the Local culture and eating habits. For example, Cherry is symbol of Japan, for satisfied Japanese customer, Mc Donald's launch cherry cone (Ice cream) in Japan. Cheap price and can eat satisfied. Mc Donald's price affordable to everybody. Since it took less time to cook, focus on the burgers and fries, this meant that Mc Donald's was able to sell more products in a shorter time, so they can afford cheap sale price compare with other competitor which provide similar product. When I collect and analysis relevant data, I find Mc Donald's customer satisfaction is the last one of famous fast food chain in the world. I don’t find data of 2014, but I find some data from nearly year. In this form, we can see Mc Donald's customer satisfaction is only 73%, but subway’s customer satisfaction is 82% in the same year. And from the article of FOX NEWS, we can get some ingredient of some popular food of Mc Donald's. 1. Big Breakfast with Hotcakes and Large Size Biscuit, Calories:1,150, Fat: 60 grams, Sodium: 2,260 , milligrams Saturated Fat: 20 grams, Cholesterol: 575

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