Whole Foods Swot Analysis Paper

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Strengths of Whole Foods Market  Culture and value driven  Open door policy  Well-designed organizational structure  Financially strong  High quality human resource o Qualified employees o Ability to conduct periodical trainings for employees Whole Foods Market (WFM) maintains a culture that is conducive for its line of business (Whole Foods, 2006). The giant supermarket chain strives to maintain an environment that is friendly to its employees, while at the same time ensuring that they adhere to a strong work ethic that emphasizes productivity (Mackey, 2010). The overall effect is the creation of a culture with the relevant behavioral, output and input controls that ensure success (Kasi, 2014). This culture is further complemented by the organization’s values, which emphasize the centrality of “team member happiness and excellence” as a chief aspiration (Eager & Palmer, 2009). The company practices open door policy through it operation. There is a line of open communication between low level employees and top management. Transparency in its operation is what the company aims for. Any employee can get in touch with management to discuss issues that may need further improvement and also access any of the company’s critical financial information…show more content…
It is strategically designed in a way to gain maximum effectiveness and efficiency in its business process. Strategic management is the process by which goals are formulated and implemented and are in alignment with the organization objectives to achieve its mission and vision (Kaplan & Norton, 2001). The structure at Wholefoods is strategized in a way to provide guidelines and direction to the organization, allocate appropriate resources as well as develop policies and plans that focuses on the achievement of the company’s objectives and values (Mackey & Sisodia, 2013). Each store is well staffed and equipped with talented individuals to assist with

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