Whole Foods Swot Analysis Paper

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Whole Foods Market is the largest retailer of organic and whole foods in the United States. It currently has 188 stores in operation that span across the country with plans on expanding to over 1,200 stores worldwide. Because it is the largest retailer in organic and whole foods it is able to secure supply chains that smaller retailers cannot, thus giving them a competitive edge on the amount of selections available to their customers. Another one of whole food strengths is that the amount of people that are looking to eat healthy and purchase organic foods is increasing at a rapid pace. It is expected that there will be an annual growth rate of about 14% in the organic foods industry every year through the year 2018. The rising trend…show more content…
There is a small market for potential customers that want to eat strictly organic and whole foods. According to statistics only about 18% of consumers buy organic products which creates an extremely limited market. Whole Foods prices are also a concern for potential customers. The retailer has been dubbed the name “Whole Paycheck” due to its high prices on products. Their higher prices on most products are mainly because of the farming methods used by organic farmers. This is because they do not use pesticides, herbicides etc. and in turn cannot yield as much product as a regular farmer. Also there are high prices because there isn’t the demand for the products yet. Even though the high prices are in correlation to the way the food is cultivated many people are still reluctant to spend the extra money, especially during of time of thriftiness due to the recent…show more content…
He has often publically criticized the President on Obamacare calling it “fascism.” He also does not believe in Global Warming. This is a concern to potential customers since Whole Foods brands itself on being healthy and environmentally conscious. Also, Mackay has a right to say whatever he wants, but if you look at his target audience-healthy, environmentally friendly people leaning on the liberal side-he should try not to say anything that could offend his customers or tarnish the Whole Foods

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