Who Is Red In The Shawshank Redemption

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Analyze how a character was used to develop a message in the visual or oral text(s). In the film The Shawshank Redemption, directed by Frank Darabont the character Red is used to develop the message of “the conflicts between freedom and security” as displayed through the theme of hope. Darabont makes clear the development of this message by contrasting changes in characters as they leave Shawshank prison. This can be broken down into three key stages for Red his position within the hopeless prison, as contrasted with Andy, his experience leaving the prison compared with Brooks’, and finally his state of mind after achieving freedom beyond the walls of the prison. Firstly, when Red is inside the prison he is in state of hopelessness, which grants him security within the prison. Red is consciously aware of the dangers that hope poses within the walls, and in dialogue warns Andy ”hope is a dangerous thing” and “has no place in prison”. Following this mantra Red manages to secure a secure life for himself in the prison, which makes him one of the more successful prisoners as he evades being…show more content…
When Red is in prison, by relinquishing hope and freedom he gains security. When he is released an insecure life without mental freedom is frightening, but when he finds hope and gains freedom he makes the choice that allows him to cope with freedom. Supported by cinematic techniques this delivers the message the giving up freedom mentally in the form of hope brings them security from failure, this is fragile however, and will prevent them coping with change unless they actively make the choice to hope again, to allow them to prosper in a state of change and uncertainty. This is an important message as it teaches people how to cope in a society that doesn't value personal and mental freedom, but cannot cope without
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