The Highest Tide Analysis

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Earth has a lot of different living species on it, including humans. Humans can be both helpful and damaging to the environment. People have taken over the world, thus impacting all the other living creatures on Earth. In the passages "The Highest Tide" and "Junk Journey" humans are shown interacting with different species. In the two passages the natural world is affected both positively and negatively. "The Highest Tide" is an example of how humans can be involved with the natural world in good and bad way. The people mentioned in "The Highest Tide" were very caring and passionate for sea creatures. Noah was especially caring; he heard an animal in distress and he risked his life walking on unstable ground to try to save it.…show more content…
The second passage shows how careless the majority of people can be, but there is still some who care. The use of plastic by humans has greatly damaged our ecosystem, just like the people in "The Highest Tides" pushing wildlife into smaller living spaces has. Many people don't keep recycling a big enough priority, which has caused a large floating patch of plastic in the Pacific Ocean, which is causing a very bad effect on the sea creatures who live near it. The plastic breaks down to the point that it looks like zooplankton, but it doesn't get any smaller. The organisms and small fish that eat it thinking that it's zooplankton "also ingest the chemicals that the plastic has absorbed". This causes a chain reaction of the spread of chemicals because the small fish and organisms get eaten by larger fish, that are now eating the chemicals, and then they are eaten be people. Marcus Eriksen and Joel Paschal are just like Noah from "The Highest Tides"; they are trying to help the wildlife by making the plastic litter more known to everyone. They made a "motor-less craft from 15,000 recycled beverage bottles, fishing nets, and the cockpit of a Cessna" and sailed it to the plastic blob to raise awareness; which is a different approach than Noah had by having his story broadcasted on the news. "Junk Journey" shows how people can be damaging and

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