Feudalism Vs Manorialism Research Paper

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Feudalism and Manorialism were closely related. Both Feudalism and Manorialism refer to a landholding system. Although they were closely related the two concepts are very different between the two systems. Feudalism was a system for political and military purposes. The Manorialism was a system for economic purposes. The Manorialism did not have the military needs but the feudalism did. Feudalism is a system where the lord, also known as the kings, giving nobles land and in return the nobles fight in the military. for the king, or lord. The people that get the land from the king are known as vassals. They fight in the military for the king. Manorialism ,also known as Manorial system, improves production and the land for the serfs. Serfs held land for their lord who could have been a king or duke. In return, the serf gets paid either in service or in money. The serfs ,however, did not have to fight in the military like the fiefs in the feudalist system. In Feudalism and Manorialism the social status of a person is determined with who there family is and how much money they have. In the feudalist system, the vassal could get their land taken away from the king, if they did not fight in the military. However, in the Manorial system the lord could not take back the land that he gave to the serf. So, they could not…show more content…
Serfs and vassals were at the bottom, and if they wanted land then they had to get it from the king. If you are a vassal then you have to fight in the king's military. If you are a serf you do not have to fight for the king and risk getting your land taken away. Serfs and peasants , which were at the bottom also, could not move away from their land or home, and could not choose their king. In the feudalism system a person only had to fight 40 days in the military or whenever the king needs him. He was more free to move around then people on the Manorial

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