High-Quality Teamwork

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teamwork is simply defined as a group of individuals working cooperatively to achieve shared objectives. Teammates strive for success with competent skills, respect for one another, and dynamic synergy that promotes and extracts the best from each member (Kelly, 2011). Teams consist of motivated people who work together, share available resources, are committed to shared goals/objectives, and through coordinated efforts produce a service that is superior to that of a single individual. Teamwork is an essential component of any healthcare setting. A good healthcare team achieves success through working skillfully, having positive attitudes, shared vision, and mutual respect within the team. This chapter discusses teamwork as a management practice issue within a nurse-managed clinic. Clinical staff development, advanced practice nurse leadership, fundamental areas of high-quality teams, and common problems faced, are included. The four key characteristics of successful quality teams, as emphasized…show more content…
An effective nurse leader must have the basics of integrity, loyalty, flexibility, accountability, confidence, and self-discipline. These basics start with the leader and trickle down to the individual team members and then to the team itself. The leadership has to develop a sense of working together in a framework of mutual trust for the good of the team so as to deliver quality patient care (Kelly, 2011). Second is positive attitudes toward teamwork and a mutual trust among team members. These are critical to successful team processes. An APN that fosters a positive attitude in his/her employees will allow development of the team's capability to work together and overcome obstacles. With a positive attitude team members will become comfortable in addressing issues among themselves, problem-solving together, and resolving conflicts (Kelly,

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