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Time and patience can drive one insane but it is the key to a long life. The Shawshank Redemption is about an honest and non-guilty banker named Andy Dufresne, who is charged for murder for his wife and her lover. He has been sentenced to the Shawshank prison for two life sentences. Throughout the movie he makes a friend named Red, who is a man that knows his way around and knows how to get things. Among all characters, Andy is the most quiet, patient and smartest man in the film due to him accepting the fact that he will leave in due time. In the end, Andy escapes the prison from slowly digging a hole in his wall, which was in his cell, for twenty years and covered it with a poster. The character I have chosen deals with the death of time by dealing with acceptance, patience and motivation. The death of time can do crazy things to innocent or normal people and it is not his fault since acceptance takes time. Andy Dufresne has been sentenced to prison for two life sentences since he has been convicted of a murder that he…show more content…
Time is precious and since time flies but while you are in prison, it is deadly and especially without patience, Andy Dufresne has to stay in prison for two life sentences and to survive through that period of time therefore patience will help him. In the movie, The Shawshank Redemption, Andy Dufresne likes to carve and polish rocks and make them into chess pieces since he loves chess. Making chess pieces alone shows how much time and patience that takes. To take up his time Andy decided to help the new guy in prison, Tommy. Andy tries to help Tommy by being his teacher and teaching him how to read, write, etc. Since Andy is doing this, it helps him occupy his time and helps time fly by. If I was in Andy’s shoes I would do the exact same thing, I would occupy my time and be patient. I would try to help around, meet more inmates and try to stay out of

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