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2. What scene in The Shaw-shank Redemption was the most meaningful for you? Why? The scene I valued the most in The Shaw Shank Redemption was the scene where Andy gave Red a harmonica. I found this scene the most meaningful because it symbolises hope and happiness. Prior this scene Red felt no need or sense for music. This is evident during their discussion at the cafeteria when Red asserts that hope is a dangerous thing and can drive a man insane like it did to Crooks. Despite his views, Andy gifts Reds with a harmonica. This is significant as it can play music, and music is something unforgettable and not physically nor mentally touchable. The main theme music, substantiates that hope is positive and not negative as gives the Shawshank prisoners strength to live day in, day out. Parents are a fantastic example of a source of hope. In my life my parents have been the…show more content…
As represented from the close encounter to death during the ‘roof tarring scene’, Andy Dufresne weaves himself out of the guard’s wrath by opening up his economical value and expertise towards Captain Hadley. During this time Andy offers to help solve his financial issues through clever methods that could allow Captain Hadley to claim money tax-free. This is the point of the storyline where Captain Hadley found worth and opportunity in Andy and therefore paid more regard towards him; shown through the gifting of beer. This is interconnected to the beating Bogs as this so-called relationship had given Captain Hadley more reason to act in defiance of Andy. Although it allowed Andy justice from being raped and beaten by ‘The Sisters’ , many may criticize that this guard brutality is not necessary (refer to question 3). Captain Hadley’s decision of severely beating Bogs was in defense of Andy’s financial expertise and value towards himself, rather than any reconciliation for

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