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Protocol Paper #2 “Do We Survive Death” Recall: In chapter four of “Problems from Philosophy,” Rachels discusses some well-known concepts concerning the possibility of life after death and explains a number of ways that Philosophy has inspected them: 1) Rachels discusses the idea of an eternal soul and how its definition has been viewed differently by early Greeks, Christians, and modern Science; 2) He examines possible proof of an afterlife through testimony of near death experiences and reincarnations and explains how the evidence presented has been largely flawed or inaccurate; 3) Rachels speaks about the alleged psychics and mediums who’s claim to speak with the deceased is filled with fraud and sleight of hand; 4) He summarizes Hume’s argument regarding miracles and how it is scarcely ever sensible to believe in them. Summary: In the chapter “Do We Survive Death,” James Rachels explores the question of life after death and analyses some of the more widely believed concepts concerning the afterlife. He speaks about the differing ideas the Greeks and Christians have for an immortal soul and how it is logically very unlikely to exit. Rachels discusses instances of personal testimony regarding reincarnation and near death experiences and how they have been extremely difficult to verify due to procedural flaws in collecting them…show more content…
I have often wondered about reincarnation and the soul. It was very interesting to see those thoughts discussed logically and without bias. In my experience, it has been rare to find opportunities to honestly explore these topics without emotions getting involved. I especially identified with Hume’s argument against miracles. When opinions on mysticism and religion are so numerous and blowing as loudly as bull horns it was quite refreshing to see them all rendered silent by Hume’s logical

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