Shawshank Redemption Themes

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GET BUSY READING “Ladies and gentlemen you will hear all the evidence, I submit this was not a hot blooded crime of passion.” Director Frank Darabont pulled this off as THE best movie of all times, ‘The Shawshank Redemption’. Juicy plot twists, inspirational music, and a blend of ‘themey’ philosophies are what qualifies the film for its momentous success. It is also a film adaptation of Stephen King’s novella ‘Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption’. Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) was sent to a maximum security prison called Shawshank to redeem himself from his supposed crime, being accused of a double-homicide. Ellis Boyd ‘Red’ played by Morgan Freeman, narrated the entire film from his distinct point of view. He also played as a main actor. Frank Darabont, the director, conveys the themes of hope, institutionalisation, corruption, and freedom which are all the basis of this noteworthy film. Despite the popularity around…show more content…
The music commands the viewer’s emotions as well as supplement the films tone. The music created an emotional, atmospheric experience for the viewers to sympathise with Brooks as it can only make us imagine how it would feel to be released from prison after fifty years, it also builds tension and unease until the very end when we find out Andy’s deserving fate. The Mansfield Ohio Correctional Institution in USA was the actual prison used for filming. This location helped form a grey, dark, and lonely environment, which was perfect for portraying the horrors that occur inside the prison. You, as an audience, will be exposed to how grim and real prison life can be. Frank does such a commendable job of portraying the prison. Through Andy we get to see him through a life of routine and grit which allows us to feel like we’re there and sympathise with him. Tim Robbins had actually spent time in a solitary confinement before shooting, which could be why it felt so
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