Compare And Contrast Hayworth And Shank Redemption

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In my 11 College English class we are reading a short story called “Rita Hayworth and Shanwshank Redemption” by Stephen king. While I was reading this short story with my class, I found myself interested in each page and wanting to read farther than the author allowed. There were numerous cliffhangers throughout the context of the story, the biggest one being the ending itself. King cleverly (smartly) arranges an ending that makes the reader wonder what will happen next in Red’s life. “Will he find Andy? Will Andy be where he vowed to go? These are all conjecture. That can only be guessed by the reader. I like to think that he did indeed find Andy Dufresne, and that they finally got to live the life of freedom that they both In this short story Red and Andy Dufresne has many difference but I will be talking about three specific ones. Innocent and not innocent, hope and hopeless, last but not courage and loss courage, First I will be talking about the innocent of Andy Dufresne but before I get started deserved. I will like to tell you a little bit about him. Andy Dufresne came to shawshank in 1947, he was thirty years old. He was a short, neat little man with sandy hair and small, clever hands. His fingernails were always clipped, and they were always clean. Andy was a banker on the outside. Andy is convicted of…show more content…
An example to show that is “I have to look constantly over at the window and reassure myself that there are no bars on it” (King 101). This quote means that Red is so used to seeing the bars on the prison window and now that he’s in the outside world it’s kind of wired not seeing it anymore because he was so use to it. That’s the reason why I said Red is lost of

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