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Religion is probably the most predominant element of the Life of Pi. This novel, written by Yann Martel, also contains a few other things that wouldn’t be commonly written along with religion. One of which being zoology, which Pi is very interested in well as religion. At first when I read this I was very confused at how Martel could combine such elements, but he does a fantastic job of fusing them. Yann uses the animals in the story to demonstrate ways that Pi is surviving on the boat. There are three main animals that contribute to Pi’s survival and demonstrate his personality. This includes Richard Parker, Orange Juice, and the hyena. Firstly, the most important animal that Pi encounters in the story is Richard Parker, the Bengal Tiger. Richard Parker, is considered by most readers to be the most influential character in…show more content…
Pi meets the orangutan while he is on the life boat, he sees her floating on a crate of bananas. Orange Juice is a model for Pi to survive as well as a symbol for his personality. The Orangutan is a good model to show that you should always fight till the end and to be a caretaker for others. This is displayed when, “And Orange Juice had not only cheered me up; she had also taken on both our feelings of seasickness. I was feeling fine now” (Martel 71). Orange Juice has these traits about her because of what she is, an orangutan. She naturally has motherly instincts to protect others. This along with other mother type characteristics have rubbed off on Pi. And Pi was a very peaceful and kind prior to be stranded on the boat. This is why Pi is so willing to attempt to save other creatures and risks his own life for them. Both Pi and Orange Juice show a strong will to fight, while at the same time being gentle and loving. For these reasons Orange Juice and Pi are very similar in their habits for survival and their

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