White Privilege Research Paper

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White Privilege is a term used to interpret the advantages given to white people. For many years, White Americans have been looked upon as the superior of races. In the early 1600’s, they controlled African Americans by making them work endless hours, ripping them apart from their families, treating them as if they were less than human, giving them little to no food and buying them as if they were pieces of furniture. The actual act of slavery in America lasted exactly 246 years, but the whole idea of whites being “better than” African Americans as well as other races still continues to affect our society as a whole today. Certain people can argue forever about how white privilege doesn’t exist anymore. “You can make it in America if you are honest and hard working”, but there are clear evidence that this sadly isn’t true. After all the agony and torture African Americans have suffered during slavery, many realize that their fight to be treated equally isn’t over and that…show more content…
"If there's white privilege then there has to be Asian privilege" stated Bill O'Reilly on The Daily Show. Asians are considered the “most brilliant” of all races. According to statistics taken of the median household income, if an Asian American makes $70,000 a year in the same work field as a White American, the White American would make $55,000. That is a $15,000 difference a year! That is a huge difference. Those opposed to white privilege existing would also argue that white privilege died along with slavery. They have evolved and moved on from that disgusting point in American history. All races in America have they same exact rights! It is embedded in American Society that white privilege or any privilege involve races exists when according to White and Asian Americans themselves, it doesn’t. They work just as hard as anyone else. They are just thought of by society as the superior race due to past

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