Interpersonal Contact Hypothesis

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Does interpersonal contact improve relations among groups that are in conflict? Introduction: University of Cape Town wants to enforce Integration of students from different “ races” through the use of the “contact hypothesis” which has an underlying idea that interpersonal contact can effectively reduce prejudice between groups like these(Allport, 1954). This paper argues that while it has been proven that interpersonal contact can improve relations among groups in conflicts through the reduction of prejudice it is of outmost significance to acknowledge the fact that in the South African Context this cannot necessarily amount to grater racial integration. This is because as Vincent(…show more content…
Doing this allowed a the paper to discover themes and issues which connected the sources together((Terre Blanche, Durrheim & Painter, 2006). Firstly it was important to identify the key concepts in the research question in order to refine the search in this paper the main concepts were prejudice, interpersonal contact and contact hypothesis. The above concepts were used to form an intersection set of literature which was developed by identifying literature that discussed all the concepts(Blanche, Durrheim & Painter,2006). An exploration of intersectional concepts was done in order to find the main relevant…show more content…
Moreover the effect of the hypothesis contact has been proven to indeed reduce interpersonal conflict, with the highly convincing evidence compiled by Pettigrew and Tropp( 2008). Research evidence of the impact of interpersonal contact: Their “meta-analysis of 515 studies ( including 713 independent samples) , based on a total of over 250000 participants found a highly significant negative relationship between contact and prejudice( mean effect size r=-22,p<.001)”( Pettigrew& Tropp,2008, p.1), meaning that more interpersonal contact decrease intergroup conflicts and prejudice. However the paper cannot necessarily infer causal influences from these findings .

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