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Anzac What? Summary Extract Back in the day the Anzacs were the only thing Australians would look up to and was the meaning behind the Australian identity. In today’s society the Australian identity has either been lost or has change. Australia has embraced the Anzac Spirit for over a hundred years now and but most of the time it feels like it was never here. The qualities of mateship, perseverance, self-sacrifice and bravery has build the Anzac legend overtime but nowadays people do not appreciate the amount what they truly did for the Australians. John Schumann, father and a well known songwriter, wrote a mesmerising song that took everyones breath away with its meaning of PTSD and young Australians fighting in WWII, called ‘I was only…show more content…
When the poem was written, in 1915, Australia was united and support anyone in need. This let the true Australian Identity shine through all of the citizens, even those who wasn’t fighting in the war. Another quote from this graceful poem states, “And with Australia's flag shall fly/A spray of wattle-bough/To symbolise our unity /We’re all Australians now”. Australians were proud to fly their national flags and no matter the age and wealth of any person, each one encourages the other if one of their loved ones might have been lost in the tragic war. Australians every year celebrate Australia Day, but what is the true meaning of this day. Most people use Australia Day as a time to drink and party. Other just dress up and wear as much blue, red and white clothes as possible, even sometimes right down to their underwear. Does this mean that the Australian Identity has change over the last decade. Multiculturalism in Australia has increase a lot over the years, in social events, religions, holidays and overall increased knowledge of each culture. Variety of cultures has joined Australia and even changed to cope with the growing Australian identity. Nowadays some people might say that all these other cultures combined is the new Australian

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