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Brody, Michael. 1991. “Still Going Potty in College: What do students get out of watching South Park?” About Campus 4(5) 29 The author of this article is a psychiatrist on the Media Committee of American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry as well as an assistant professor in American Studies at University of Maryland. He dissects the possible reasons why college students watch Comedy Central’s television show, South Park. The author briefly examines the characters and relates them to life of college students and how they can view South Park as rewarding. Brody supports the white male audience stereotype in the cartoons animation. He finds that even thought it is politically subversive and incorrect, the show allows the students to make them feel like childish human beings while not taking life so seriously. This article lacks research and data and is more of an…show more content…
He examines unique episodes and find that not everyone is going to enjoy South Park. It is nearly impossible to satisfy all viewers’ needs through cartoon humor. This article attempts to prove that popular culture productions are relatable to our cultural system. The author tries to underline the deeper contextual issue of two analyses by Harway and Butler. This article is very broad with specific goals for each article examined throughout the years of South Park. Gournelous argues that South Park purposively creates stereotype to make them so outrageous they aren’t true. He sees the show as more of a mediator between stereotypes and their prevalence to modern society. This article is relevant as a whole but the information within the article was very specific when it came to specificity in episodes. If someone wanted to research the progression in South Park then this would be a very useful

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