Controversy Tatum Defining Racism

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The two articles I chose to use for the comparative review paper are “Defining Racism: Can we talk? In Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the cafeteria? And Other Conversations About Race” By Beverly Tatum as well as “There Is No ''Race'' in the Schoolyard: Color-Blind Ideology in an (Almost) All-White School” By Amanda Lewis. In many ways these two articles have prominent course themes that are similar along with different. Both articles alike have strong attitudes about racism and race issues in schools and society from two different perspectives. The overall point read in these articles have contributed to the evolving of my understanding of the relationship between race, ethnicity and education. The Structure of this paper will be to discuss the…show more content…
The Defining Racism article by Beverly Tatum strongly talked about the stereotypes, omissions as well as distortions that all contribute to the development of prejudices. She provides evidence that support her feelings towards the talk of racial identities and how to facilitate communication across different racial and ethnic groups. I like the fact that Tatum provides examples as well as definitions to some very broad terms. On page 4 of the article, Tatum sates that we all have prejudices, not because we want them but because we are continually exposed to misinformation about others. With this notion and knowledge of this this idea should not justify discrimination. Through vast research and surveys she concludes that the impact of racism starts at an early age. A main theme present in the article is how Racism in a system of advantages based on race. She goes on to say that this advantage operates to the advantage of Whites and to the disadvantage of people of

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