Ellen Degeneres Impact On Society

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Ellen: Public Icon and Promoter of Positive Change Ellen DeGeneres changed the way the world views openly gay famous icons. Before, people stereotyped and were more judgmental, but Ellen proved the stereotypes wrong and became a successful lesbian in the TV industry who also helps out in society. Over the years Ellen has helped with over 30 different charities. Her talk show is not only entertaining, it is used as a platform that addresses many issues and benefits many organizations. Ellen has made a great impact on society because she is a highly respected, openly gay woman who has success despite the stereotypes she had to face; her accomplishments have enabled her to be apart of many charitable organizations and spread awareness for different groups and issues in society.…show more content…
Wrong,” in 1996. She was also involved in the television production of “If these walls could talk too.” Ellen then started having regular appearances on talk shows like The Late Show, Tonight Show, Larry King, and Good Morning America. When interviewed, Larry King said, “We are so happy for her because she's a great person, and so many good things happening.” In 1997, she admitted to being lesbian on an episode of her sitcom “Ellen.” This shocked her viewers and critics and foreshadowed the criticism she would soon face. Sponsors pulled their advertising from the show because of her news. Ellen overcame those obstacles and embraced her sexuality. She is now the most frequently cited example of a lesbian public figure and is highly admired for the way she made the most of her situation. Since then, she has become one of the main faces of LGBT rights. LGBT is an organization for the advancement of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people and their

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