What Is Water Pollution Essay

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Water Pollution Introduction: Water pollution is an ever growing concern within our environment. We as human are the main contributors towards water pollution, which is ironic as we depend on water for our very survival but yet we still take it for granted. Water is basically life. What is water pollution? Water pollution is referred to as the contamination of water bodies such as oceans, rivers, lakes, aquifers and groundwater. This occurs in water when pollutants are either indirectly or directly discharged into these water bodies without any sufficient treatments taking place in order to remove any harmful compounds. Water pollution doesn’t just affect humans but rather our whole biosphere which includes plants and every other living organism but most likely those found within the water bodies. The greater the quantity of a toxic chemical in the water body, the more harmful it would be and also it would be harder to disperse specifically in lakes and rivers. Water pollution is resulted from human factors. Causes of water pollution: • Ocean and marine dumping • Industrial activity • Oil pollution • Radioactive waste • Sewage and waste water • Atmospheric deposition • Underground storage leakages • Global warming • Eutrophication Types of water pollution: • Nutrient pollution • Surface water pollution • Oxygen depletion • Ground water…show more content…
The other sources of water are neutral. The tap water can therefore be considered as acidic as the pH level is lower than 7, which clearly shows that our water is being affected by water pollution. Fish have been considered to have an average blood pH level of 7.4, therefore the pond water would have a similar pH level as the fish. The average pH level of water is 7.4 which is good as this gives an indication that there is a good chlorine disinfection. Filtered water was always going to have an average of 7 as it is

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