Economic Disadvantages In Pakistan

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Source: Bengali (2015) Official are expecting an end to energy crisis, which in the past has already deteriorated the industrial and agricultural sector in particular to the summit point. This study chases the increment of these both sector industrial and agricultural outcomes coming from energy sector. World Trade Organization showed it willingness to assist Pakistan in increasing it export capacity by adding value to its products. Director General of WTO Roberto AZevedo said, “in exports, Pakistan in working to take qualitative jumps. It is focusing on competitiveness, diversification and lowering the cost of trade.” This really proves that after CPEC rest of world are interested in investing in Pakistan that can boost up the economy and…show more content…
Among the major benefits of CPEC is the opportunity to eradicate poverty, unemployment, inequity for small provinces and overcome the power shortage. The investment by the Chinese in Pakistan maybe for their own interests but it has a potential to make this country free of poverty and unemployment. There are numerous opportunities for the people to avail. This investment has a sum bigger than all the foreign investments in Pakistan in past.A huge investment in the corporate sector and energy sector of Pakistan by the Chinese investors is to pull the country out dark times of poverty, unemployment and the darkness of power shortage. The jobless and poor people have now the opportunity to fulfill their needs by grabbing the jobs they need. And the energy will lit up by the construction of new damns and solar parks and investment in thermal power electricity. The issue of electricity has a queue of issues behind that will be automatically resolved after its…show more content…
Investment from China is not just focused in one sector but in every sector for economic welfare. These investments have the capacity to add 2.1pp to the GDP growth each year and CPEC is aimed to raise the GDP growth above 6% during FY16-18. The economy of Pakistan has always suffered and has seen bad time since the beginning and this megaprojects will now lift the bars of this country’s economy. The strengthening economy of Pakistan will surely help Pakistan getting rid of the label of a ‘failing state’. Since 9/11, Pakistan’s image around the world is so badly represented as the ‘epicenter of terrorism’, ‘safe haven for terrorists’ and ‘most dangerous country’. Chinese investment, that is a huge sum, will help Pakistan get rid of these labels as well. More foreign investments will become a part of Pakistan’s economy and make it boost even faster. Getting rid of these labels, people of Pakistan will be welcomed and treated equally in the Western world as other nations. Pakistanis as nation will then live prestigious lives with their chins up in those

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