Latino Racism In America

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Today, the national Latino population numbers more than 35 million and represents one of the most dynamic and diverse racial/ethnic groups in the United States. Within the last years racism has increased widely in the United States, Latinos and hispanics have been the main target to this oppression. As a result, their culture and roots are being affected in many ways by said racism and oppression. Americans have created a Latino stereotype and are prejudging many Latinos. While African Americans in the United Stated for many decades have suffered the most unemployment, Latinos and Hispanics are not far behind. In the United Stated many companies don't employ Latinos nor Hispanics just because of their race. “Studies have found that nearly…show more content…
The Latino population has had an impact not only on the demography of the U.S. population, but also on other aspects of U.S. society. Today “one of every eight residents of the United States is Latino” (Gibson 2009). Since Latinos keep immigrating, Americans think of Latinos as a plague. Which is a wrong way of thinking because most Latinos immigrate looking for new job opportunities. In America hate groups are increasing due to anti-illegal immigration concerns. Many Hispanics who immigrate illegally are trying to escape their old lifestyles and start all over, but they end up with the same lifestyle because of the lack of jobs for Hispanics/Latinos. This hate and oppression also results from envidia and jealousy. In the United States, for instance, people question the qualification of successful Latinos. In the United States people see successful immigrants, mostly Latino or Hispanics, and they get furious because they think of them as superior and cannot be exceeded by an immigrant. All these factors increase the hate Americans have for Hispanics. Americans are creating stereotypes toward Hispanic and Latinos. As a result of this stereotyping the United States spent over a billion dollars in preventing illegal Mexicans to enter the United States by building a “fence”. The U.S- Mexico border fence is a multi-billion dollar fence and it’s based on preventing the entry of “terrorists”. This is hardly discriminating against Hispanics/Latinos because the border with Canada still remains open. People are taking

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