Rawls's Theory Of Justice

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1.2.Definition of Justice according to Rawls. The notion of justice is very important as it affect every rational being in all sectors of life, regardless of faith, race, creed for the fact that it is the moral and political concept. “The origin of the word justices comes from Latin, jus which means right or law.” In a simple sense of the word, justice would mean someone who typically doing who is morally right and is disposed to giving someone his or her due. The word fair can be used as synonym as we will study justice as fairness in a separate section. Moreover the thinkers especially the philosophers wanted to get beyond the horizons of normal etymology of study on justice to consider the nature of justice in reference to moral virtue…show more content…
In the development of his investigation, Rawls answers specific moral questions. In his conception, Rawls identifies that “Justice is the virtue of social institution.” The institution that Rawls speaks here is not to be understood as college or university and organization like the international monetary fund but he refers to as, “the practices and the rule that structure relationship and interactions among agents.” The agents is the state or the society of people. If the laws and institution has some defects in matters of justice it can be either abolished or be reformed since each person possess an inviolability that founds on justice. In a just society, the liberty of equal citizenship can be taken as an important aspect with respect to human dignity and value of a person. The rights of each citizen have to be secured and not to be at the disposal of some political gain or fame. Rawls affirmation to this is that “justice is not a subject of political bargain or social interest.” The society of people is an association of people who had their relation to one another in matter of politics, economics, or for historical reasons and they recognize certain rules of conduct that binds them together. In the Political Liberalism published in 1993, Rawls asserts that political conception of justice has three fundamental features which are exemplified by justice as fairness. “The first is the moral conception which is applied to the political, social and economic institutions.” In a simple sense it refers to the basic structure of the society which Rawls termed as original position and is applied to constitutional democracy or democratic regime which are interchangeably used unless otherwise noted for differentiation. The fundamental structure

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