Sandra Steingraber's Essay 'Despair Not'

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Kayle Kosman Kameo Cragoe Composition I 16 October 2015 Global Warmings Future Harms Have you ever thought about the actions you take that could harm the environment? Have you wondered what the ecosystem will be like in years to come? In upcoming years, peoples children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are likely to be exposed to many harmful chemicals. This raises the question about the actions some people are taking, harming the environment. Global warming is happening more everyday within our environment due to burning fossil fuels and using them as tools to make things. In the essay “Despair Not,” Sandra Steingraber concentrates on the actions causing the upcoming problems within the environment. The causes of chemical exposure include asthma, premature birth, learning disability, autism, and breast cancer. Parents are overwhelmed by these problems and are trying to fix them.…show more content…
Her essay stated, “One in ten U.S. white girls and one in five U.S. black girls begin breast development before the age of eight… a risk factor for breast cancer… is associated with… exposure to hormonally active chemical agents known as ‘estrogen mimickers’” (747). The readers use their knowledge that breast cancer is very expensive to get rid of. They will know of at least on person that has had breast cancer and went through many troubles to make it go away. They suffered money loss and hair loss. Some may have even lost their breast. The information logically appeals to the reader because she connects the two examples together. Sandra can really connect to this subject because she is a breast cancer survivor. This is very logical because she uses her personal experience dealing with cancer to connect to her overall argument. This is supporting her argument because the exposure to active chemical agents is affecting our bodies causing breast

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