Stolen Generation Event Analysis

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One of the darkest chapters of Australian history is the time when Aboriginal children were forcefully removed from Aboriginal families. According to Korff (2015), as a matter of fact children as young as babies were taken from their families and placed into foster care and institutes, and ones these children reached the age of 18; they were release into the society. Due to this event, the Aboriginal people are collectively referred as the ‘Stolen Generation’ as the effect lasted several years and the effect of the event is still affecting the Aboriginal people today. The event of forceful removal was carried out simplify to break the circle. Firstly, to make sure the knowledge and skill of the Aboriginal people does not pass on to the next…show more content…
Their cultures, laws, ceremonies and connection to the land are strong and enduring. In this essay, I will be identifying an event from Australian history, an event of that changed the lives of many Indigenous people. This event will then be analysed to point out its effect that it had on the lives of Indigenous Australian. The event that had a huge impacted on Australian Indigenous was the Stolen Generation stage. In this essay I will use the external resources to highlight the importance and the relevance’s of this event. At the same time explain why it has to be taught to students in Australian schools. It will further discuss how it impacted the lives of Indigenous Australian and their families. What actually happened? The year it started. Why was this act carried out? In addition, I will further discuss how the event unfolded during the time of European settlement and the impact and trauma it had on Aboriginal people back in 1910 to 1970. Lastly, reasoning as for why the period of The Stolen Generation sits very close to the Aboriginal…show more content…
As a matter of fact, this is one of the main reasons why schools need to be educating students about the Australian history. According to (2015), without this knowledge it would be hard for non-Indigenous students to understand what the Indigenous Australians had to go through during 1910-1970. The time of so called “Stolen Generation” and what happened. Only with that knowledge about Aboriginal and Torres Islander culture and the contact with early European will give learners the better understanding and feeling about Aboriginal people’s

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