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I chose to write about foster care reform for my persuasive essay, I picked this topic because I didn’t want to write about anything that is commonly disputed but I wanted to discuss something I had a particular interest in. I’ve never been in foster care, or know anyone who is currently in the foster care system but it’s an issue I feel is generally overlooked and extremely important. In order to grab readers’ attention I arranged my essay by problem/solution, in order to introduce some of the main issues within the foster care system and introduce a few ways in which these problems could be fixed. I included a variety of syntax and devices such as rhetorical questions in my paper. I did this to try and induce reader’s thinking about the…show more content…
At the end of the exordium, I tried to include a sentence to transition into the narratio to ensure a smooth transition in the paper. The second paragraph is the narratio; I addressed that there are issues within the foster care system in order to prepare readers to the points I would introduce in the partitio. My partitio is the third paragraph and I introduced the points I would be arguing in the same order as they would occur in my confirmatio so that my essay would be easy for readers to follow. Next, in my refutation I addressed that not all foster parents subject children to these cruel conditions, but added that we must focus on those who do. This piece of information, is refutable and also provided logos in my paper. It is logical that we should focus on the negative aspects of the system, or else we are ignoring the huge issues and focusing on only the good. Lastly, in my peroratio I readdressed the fact that there are multiple huge issues within the foster care system and briefly retouched on solutions introduced earlier in my paper. After ensuring that my paper included all six parts of Quintillian’s parts of a speech, I focused on including logos, ethos, and pathos in my

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