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Choosing Right Field of Counselor As A Career Option Title Changed to: To Choose Right Career Specialization in Counseling People have different reasons for choosing counseling as a career option. For some, it can be the good experience of counseling that they had while facing a difficult situation in their lives that made them willing to help others, or it can be a prior experience in volunteering for people needing help, which they now want to pursue as a full-time job. However, the job of a counselor involves a lot of responsibility. So before choosing the right specialization, it is critical that you examine all the factors driving you to pursue that field along…show more content…
It basically involves focusing on implementing different modes of treatment depending upon the level of disorder. Since addiction is a problem that needs rigorous efforts to overcome, the counselor needs to be proactive in his/her approach, and is required to take regular follow-ups to monitor the progress and ensure the problem doesn't resurface. Rehabilitation counseling: Addicts undergo rehabilitation when the extent of abuse is at the peak leading to severe health problems that can crush their mental and physical health. Such individuals undergo rehabilitation to reinstate their personal, social, and psychological well-being. Rehabilitation is also needed for people suffering extreme levels of depression. There are special rehabilitation facilities or centers aimed to achieve the said goals, and the counselors have the opportunity to work with them. Marriage counseling: Marriage counseling involves understanding and resolving issues that married couples face. It offers opportunities to couples to communicate better and negotiate the differences. Marriage counseling is practiced by licensed therapists, they provide the same mental health services but with a specific focus on improving

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