A Rose For Emily Symbolism Essay

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Symbolism is a literary element used in any work of literature usedto help the reader understand the mood of the text. It is the use of objects or characters representing a certain idea that will then set the tone of the story. For example, if the author of a story you are reading uses objects or characters that have a dark representation then chances are the mood of the story will be somber. If the author used objects or characters and described them as blissful or very jolly the tone of the story would not be gloomy or somber it would be optimistic, because off of how the author described the objects or characters they are not near sadness or darkness. By the author providing representations of the objects and characters it helps us get this of how these symbols will impact the meaning of the story. A Southern women by the name of, Miss Emily whom lived in a small town in Jefferson County, Mississippi along with her father and servant, Tobe. Miss Emily’s father thought that no man in Jefferson was worth his daughter’s time. He did not let no man in Jefferson try to get the…show more content…
‘’With so many suitors in her youth, it seems inevitable that Emily will accept a rose from one of them, but she never does’’. After Miss Emily’s father’s passing she found love with the Northerner, Homer Barron. It felt as if she was going to marry Homer when she first met him, but soon after his confession murdered him because she didn’t want him with nobody else. She treated Homer as he was her rose. Shmoop University sees the Stationery as a symbol of time, the way how it recalls the tensions of the past, present, and future events throughout the story. ‘’Emily probably doesn’t write too many letters, so its normal that she would be using stationery that’s probably at least 40 years old’’. The story had taken place decades ago, so the stationery was a way to symbolize the time about how long ago this took

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