Miss Representation Social Media Analysis

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74% of consumers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions. (Source: CeBIT) Social media does not only influence decisions when it comes to purchasing; furthermore, in general social media influences most people’s opinion. The media has played a big role in continuously repeating stereotypes that portray the image of women being treated as objects; likewise, it differentiates gender roles in which male dominance over women is strongly enforced. Patricia Mitchell, the former president and CEO of PBS states that “the media is the message and the messenger, increasingly a powerful one”. (Miss Representation) Social media is an example of sexism and misogyny existing in todays society by emphasizing stereotypes that demonstrate…show more content…
When it comes to women in television or commercials the media focuses on their physical appearance. In the movie Miss Representation Maria, a high school student, says that the media is all about “how they want you to be something that you’re not”. The media embodies women as having to be similar to models in order to have approval in the eyes of men. The media gives the message to girls and women that being smart, strong and accomplished is not enough. Even at an early age girls are giving the message that their physical appearance is a huge factor that contributes to their happiness, either they have it or they don’t. However, the narrator of the Miss Representation says that “the ideal image of women is more extreme and impossible than ever before” due to the advanced technology in which any picture can be digitally altered making it seem beyond perfect. Women and men are both giving the wrong message through the media. This information only makes it harder for women to feel like they fit in todays society, and for men they feel the need to compare women to what they see in films, music videos and advertisements. Women develop low confidence levels distract them from daily activities and gives them a sensation of feeling disempowered. Women have been trained by the media to view themselves as objects, it’s all about physical appearance and outer…show more content…
Typically a women's role in the old days has been to take care her husband, children, and house. Women have been trained to be housewives and men as heads of the household. In other words, men only have one job which is to work and provide money for their family. On the other hand women are responsible for cooking, cleaning, taking care of their children in today’s society women have a job as well to help provide for their family. In the article “I want a wife” by Judy Brady, she expresses her feelings using sarcasm regarding the role of women compared to the role of men. Judy covers most of the duties women have to cover. Women are responsible for taking care of the bills, cooking, keeping the house clean, taking the children to school and the doctor, also having a job that will help contribute towards the bills and expenses of the household. In today’s society there can be a huge debate of whether it’s right for women to have all the responsibility and for men to take no part in it. In the article Judy Brady says that she wants, “A wife who will not bother me with rambling complaints about a wife’s duties”, obviously her sarcasm is trying to remind the readers that its definitely not okay for women to have all that responsibility and receive no type of help from their husband. Today we can see in the media that this stereotype is

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