Comparing Holmes And Sherlock Holmes: Games Of Shadows

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When watching a movie, viewers expect something spectacular that they can call a great movie. They want a movie that captures their attention, excites them, and leaves them guessing on what will happen next; both Sherlock Holmes (2009) and Sherlock Holmes: Games of Shadows (2011), due such that. Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: Games of Shadows are considered one of the great movies out there now-a-days. Both films provide eccentric acting, terrific special effects, and a thrilling script; making them one of the great action/ crime movies out there for the viewers to see. The acting in both Sherlock Holmes movies is remarkable. In both movies, the star actors are Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock Holmes) Jude Law (Dr. Watson), and Rachel McAdams…show more content…
Watson. Their relationship is a love and hate kind of relationship due to Irene being the women he loved, but she left him over and over again. In Sherlock Holmes: Games of Shadows the beginning of the movie, Holmes disguised as an old oriental man follows Irene and takes her package telling her that three men are following her. Concerned, Irene takes Holmes to an alley, leading him into a trap. The men that were following her were with her; she tells them to take care of him but not to harm his face because they have a date later on and leaves. Holmes never truly hates Irene for misleading him and is always there for her due to the love he has for…show more content…
Most of the fighting scenes in Sherlock Holmes: Games of Shadows are presented in predictions and slow motion. The first fight starts at the beginning at the when Holmes was lead into the trap by Irene. The fight scene starts of normal with Holmes fighting the four men, but after the interrupting by the police walking by stopping the fight for a couple minutes, Holmes has the opportunity to predict the moves of the other fighters before it ever starts. With this the viewer’s get a chance to see what is going to happen next and how Holmes wins the

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