Strengths And Weakness In Relation To Supporting Learning Activities

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Evaluate own strengths and weaknesses in relation to supporting learning activities and how these may impact on the support that can be provided. To support learning activities I need to identify my own personal strengths and weakness’. I feel my strengths are: Being positive, enthusiastic ,willing to learn new skills, approachable, contribute across all aspects, having good people and interpersonal skills, punctuality, listening, using common sense and discipline where needed, using my initiative to provide help and support where needed. I feel that my strengths impact on the support that I can provide in a positive way, this usually encourages children to approach their work and be this way themselves. They can and want to learn more in a happy positive environment. As my placement is within a seventy-eight place nursery I am not assigned to one particular teacher, however I have I have formed really close professional relationships with all the teachers and TA's within my setting, this enables us all to work together and deliver a great professional atmosphere for all.…show more content…
If I am asked to support a particular activity I will ask any relevant questions that I am unsure about before the nursery session begins, rectifying any issues or doubts I may have. If I did not fully understand the activity and failed to inform anyone that I did not quite understand, this would result in children not completing their work in the time given, resulting in an unsatisfactory outcome , their lack of understanding would be down to my failure of my understanding and

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