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Carlos Mangundayao Dr. Marc Coronado Woman Studies November 7, 2014 Miss Representation In today's world, our young children are viewing more media content more than ever before. The contents they see can truly shape the way they think and act when they grow up. In the film Miss Representation, by Jennifer Seibel Newsome, it talks about how our society shapes our expectations of both man and woman. After watching this documentary, it made me realized how much the media has control over what we think is normal and how things should be in reality. Objectification of woman on the media leads to disempowerment of women in our society. Our media plays a big role in manipulating and distributing contents that objectifies woman. The new idea of beauty is more impossible than ever before, nowadays it's possible to look perfect with a help of computers. This not only reinforces gender roles, gender stereotypes, physical traits like masculine and sexy. These ideas are learned subconsciously and acted out without…show more content…
This creates standards and expectations for women in real life, the media displays that desirable woman should be sexy and submissive. This causes negative effects in our teenagers, “53% of thirteen years old are not happy with their bodies” (Miss Representation). This is a result of young girls competing with other girls at a very young age. There’s been recent studies that the depression rate has doubled from the year 2000 to 2010. A couple years ago beauty was achieved by using make ups and airbrushes, but with 20th century technology, photoshop can now create images that are impossible for any woman to achieve. Advertisers don't realize the damage they're creating in todays society, making self justification becoming a national problem. Photoshop images can contribute to unrealistic body image expectations, eating disorders and other emotional

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