Jennifer Siebel Newsom's Miss Representation

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American teenagers spend more than 10 hours a day consuming media. Most of it filled with content that objectifies women and distorts their bodies. In the documentary Miss Representation, written by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Katie Couric, Rachel Maddow, Condoleezza Rice, Gloria Steinem and others discuss sexism and violence, both self-inflicted and abuse, in American society and the media. It explores how modern mainstream media portrays, most often critically, women in today’s society. The film’s motto, “You can’t be what you can’t see.”, explains the message that young women need and want positive role models that the media continuously neglects. An analysis of Newsom’s Miss Representation reveals its highly persuasive features through its use of statistics, numerous expert’s opinions on the topic, and various rhetorical techniques such as logos, pathos, and ethos.…show more content…
Statistics provides tools necessary in order to react intelligently to information. With her inclusion of statistics, Newsom’s argument becomes credible, and therefore making it convincing and more persuasive than it would be without statistics. For example, she incorporated in the documentary that “67 countries in the world have had female presidents or prime ministers. The United States is not one of them. Cuba, China, Iraq and Afghanistan have more women in government than the US does.” (Newsom) This shocking statistic successfully portrayed the absurdity of women’s current and basically inexistent role in politics in the United

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