Junot Diaz's How To Date A Brown Girl

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Dating is a process whereby individuals get together with one another in order to explore the possibilities of romantic as well as sexual coupling. In general, people start dating in their middle teen years of their biological sexual maturation. Their motivations to date are influenced for various reasons both healthy and unhealthy purposes. Some people feel partial and inadequate when they are single since the intensity, drama as well as excitement of dating accompanies new relationship. Junot Diaz’s dating guide expresses experience centered around the young teenage by giving instructions on how to date white girls, black girls, brown girls and halfie from all races. He offers crucial aspects that touch the basis of life that are in most…show more content…
They determine the features possessed by the individual and they automatically reject their offer of dating. Consequently, Junot Diaz expresses his experience on social class and race encountered hence concluding that race and class plays a crucial role when the white girls are determining the kind of person to date. Social class was mainly the leading aspect that prematurely judged individuals based on their outward appearance. According to the online sources that differ with the assumptions of the narrator in the story about social class and race depicted by white girls. Although these aspects determine the behavior of dating in girls, the men are optimistic that any situation that might arise discourages the assumption of negative attitude. The judgment typically are innate part of human nature according to the online sources and features attributed by individuals we ought to learn and accept as well as manage them. Occasionally the white girl’s supremacy is the greatest trick that presents the racial reality that transforms our practices. Therefore, online sources and their counterpart the story by Junot Diaz oppose that race and class does not determine the dating

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