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As a female it is near impossible to get by without some sort of bag holding my everyday essentials whether it be an over the shoulder bag, a clutch, or in my case a purse. They come in many different sizes and many different brands which is why my purse stands out. My purse is a tote which means it can carry everything I will ever need and then some. The brand is Michael Kors which is sought after by women everywhere because of the high price and quality material. These bags are supposed to be meant to last, unlike many other brands that will make cheap bags but because they can shell them out at a cheap price the consumer does not mind. My purse is more than just a bag to carry all of my things in whether it be my make up, some snacks throughout the long day at school or even a blanket for the colder days at work. The purse is an extension to my body. I feel as if I’m lost without it and even if I can muster up the courage to leave it behind and only grab the…show more content…
They had tried to get us everything we had ever wanted but bills and essentials as in food and toiletries came first and we understood that very well from a young age. My mother and father would have never been able to afford such a purse or if they could something else would have to go the wayside. This is why the purse is so important to me, it is just a reminder of where I want to be later in life. All parents want their kids to go on later in life and do better than them, I also deeply want it for myself so that I can buy ten of these same purses and not even raise a brow. I would love to be able to spoil my future daughter with designer clothes and high end accessories and such. This bag is where it will all begin, it holds a special place in my heart. It is something I can just look at and feel to remember where I am headed, my beacon of hope if you

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