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The history of football boots. Football is a family of team sports that involve, to varying degrees, kicking a ball with the foot to score a goal. King Henry VIII of England was the first man to have created the earliest pair of football boots. According to history, he ordered a pair from his Great Wardrobe. In the past, before 1891 to be more precise, nothing was allowed to stick out from a shoe worn by a footballer, but with revision and taking into considerations the surfaces played on, it lead to the use of small studs or bars implemented under a shoe and football boots were born. However, until the 1950s, nobody initiated the idea of instigating interchangeable screw-in studs. Adidas was the first company to have put forward this idea and created substitutable studs out of rubber or…show more content…
People were playing with inappropriate shoes, such as working shoes which were very hard and heavy and not designed for running or kicking. These boots later had metal studs put under the shoes so players would have more grip and would not slip over. Finally, the first ever official football boots were made from leather, they were heavy and thick and were high at the ankle. For them, this was the best model they could think of but for us, current players would find it extremely difficult to adapt to it. 1900-1940's This was during the war; thus football boots did not have any major changes. Valsport and Gola become popular makes during this period. 1940-1960's During this time the WWII was finishing and the design of the boots were changing drastically, they became lighter and flexible. Their main focus when creating a pair of football boot was that it had to be light, agile and give the user a better kick. The end of this period saw a lighter than ever boot that had a lower top so it gave users a more flexible boot.

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