Glad's TV Commercial Dad Left Alone With Baby

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Essay 2 GLAD’s TV commercial Dad Left Alone with Baby caught my attention, which is funny and impressive ( This commercial also can be a suitable example to discuss the six theories we learned last week: unconditioned stimulus, unconditioned response, paring, neutral stimulus, conditioned stimulus, and conditioned response. The commercial is for Glad Press‘n Seal wrap that helps seal food and variety of surfaces like paper, plastic and wood. It protects and freezes food in individual portions and also can be used in the microwave. The target market for this product is people who prepare meals for family and keep the house organized, for example, moms. According to the target market, GLAD uses dad first day alone with a baby scenario, which can be predicted as an extremely messy situation for most moms. In other word, if this dad can do a perfect job, it would be surprisingly impressive.…show more content…
The Mom in commercial is worried, same as audiences. When mom walks out dad throws away baby’s pink headbands and starts to watch a football game the baby. Most audiences probably feel “oh no” and ready to see what is next with curiosity. The dad looks for the milk bottle, but he cannot match the bottle with a cover from dozens of covers in the draw. For the first time in the commercial GLAD wrap box shows up. Dad uses the warp covered the milk bottle and put a straw. Mission accomplished. Until here the story changed from dad may have trouble to take care of a baby to dad can handle

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