Herzberg Two Factor Theory Essay

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Other than Herzberg’s two-factor theory and how they affect purchase decisions, Gerald Haubl and Valerie Trifts study entitled Consumer Decision Making in Online Shopping Environments: The Effects of Interactive Decision Aids published in 2000 suggests purchase decisions are greatly affected by increasing the quality of their consideration sets when purchasing items. This increase in quality is observed through the implementation of interactive decision aids. Decision aids perform information processing tasks or functions that entail large amounts of information. Despite the fact that human decision makers are good at selecting variables that are relevant to a process, they can also be weak in terms of integrating and retaining copious amounts…show more content…
The first step is where consumers absorb most of the marketing materials they see on television, newspapers or online. Once the consumer collects the data, he or she moves into information processing, where the consumer compares the input to past experiences, product reviews, promotions, and expectations. Then the consumers move to the decision-making step choosing to make a purchase (or not) based on insights. Consumers are affected in the decision-making phase by process variables and mostly external influences, including how the consumer envisions the product after making the purchase. In this model, marketers have two periods where their input is the most valuable. During the initial stage, marketers must provide consumers with enough information about the product to make the consumer consider the products for purchase. (Ashman & Solomon, 2015) The Consumer Decision Model theory, also known as the Engel-Blackwell-Miniard Model, as cited in Jeff Bray’s (2008) unpublished discussion paper, is a notable theory that discusses how purchase decisions are influenced by two main factors which are (1) stimuli received and processed by the consumer in relation with memories of previous experiences and (2) external variables in the form of either environmental influences or individual

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