The Coyote's Narrative: The Beginning Of The World

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In the beginning of the world, long before humans came to be, it was always dark and cold. The earth was bare and it snowed all year. All the animals stayed home, underground with their families. They rarely ever went to the surface of the earth. Sometimes, many families would live together to keep warm. Food was scarce so their stomachs were never quite full. One day, a whisper in the wind came to the animals and the rumor it carried was spread. It started with the coyotes, then the bears, and then all the other animals. All of the animals gathered together in a huge hole for a meeting. The coyotes stood on a stage to speak. One of them howled to get everyone’s attention. Silence fell over the crowd. “I’m sure everyone here knows about the rumor that has been circling around lately. For those of you who don’t…show more content…
“We could finally live on the surface!” said a fourth one. The coyotes let the animals talk among themselves. After a while they said, “We have decided that we will send three different groups to look for sun, one after the other,” said the first coyote. “Four brave coyotes will be the first to go.” Everyone went home and the four brave coyotes prepared themselves and their supplies for the long journey. As they emerged from their holes, their families bid them farewell. They ran on the snow for a few hours, rested, and then continued running. After a few weeks, though, they realized their supplies were starting to run out and they were getting weaker. So they headed home. Everyone had been waiting for their return but they were disappointed to hear that the coyotes had come back with empty hands. There was another meeting to decide who would go next. In the end of the meeting, the first coyote said, “Five brave oxen will be the next to

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