Redemption In The Kite Runner

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In “The Kite Runner” a boy named Amir betrays his best friend and seeks for redemption. He does this by slowly doing the opposite of what he did to his best friend hassan and others throughout the book. In “The Kite Runner” Khaled Hosseini uses parallel moments to illuminate the idea that redemption is possible. Throughout “The Kite Runner” Amir runs into many difficulties with his family and mainly his best friend and half brother Hassan. One of them is capturing attention from his ignoring father Baba, he sees an opportunity to capture that attention by winning a kite fighting tournament with Hassan. After the tournament Hassan asks Amir if he should run the kite for him, Amir says yes and HAssan replies with “For you, a thousand times over”.…show more content…
He puts money under Hassans bed and tells Baba that hassan stole it. When Baba confronts Hassan about the money Hassan admits to stealing it and they eventually move out. BP3: With Hassan and his dad being gone and the soviets invading Baba and Amir are forced to move to America where Amir Goes to college for a writing degree, he uses this as an escape method to try and feel good again and forget about what happened all those years ago. He meets a girl whom he marries and tries to have a baby with but they can not conceive, amir is finally starting to forget about his past life until he gets a call from one of Babas old friends saying that there is a way to be good again and that he should come back to Afghanistan. Amir finally agrees to go back to see Babas old friend and find a way to be good again. Amir is informed that Hassan was killed along with his wife, But he also learns that the main reason why he came out there was to find Hassan's son and help him have a better life. Amir sets out on his quest to Find Hassan's son Sohrab, he meets up with an old friend who is very poor and is surprised that they agree to help him. He stays there for one night and in the morning before he goes to find Sohrab he puts money and a watch under one of the beds and gets on his

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