Pride In The Kite Runner

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Spent in Afghanistan, Amir’s childhood days fall under the peaceful era of King Zahir Shah’s reign, a time when Amir and his friend, Hassan, could themselves act as kings of Kabul, and carve their names into a tree. Although Amir treasured his friend Hassan, he grew increasingly jealous of his father’s apart interest in him; one of their Hazara servants. In Kabul’s winter a kite-flying tournament where young boys try to cut each other’s kites, and then ‘kite runners’ chase after the fallen kites take place. Amir and Hassan enter, and Amir promises his father he’ll win. He wins, and Hassan goes to retrieve the losing kite. He is gone long enough to cause Amir to worry, and so he looks for him. He finds him in a deserted alleyway, and watches…show more content…
His guilt is so great, that he cannot bear to see Hassan, and thus lies to his father and accuses him of stealing. A short while later, Baba and Amir move to Afghanistan. Amir believes America was “…a place to bury memories” (p. 129). It is not until several years later, after Amir has graduated and married, does he find a way to redeem himself. “There is a way to be good again” (p. 226). Upon returning to Kabul to visit Rahim Khan, he soon learns that there are additional secrets that he must come to terms with. Hassan was murdered by the Taliban. Hassan is the half-brother of Amir, as they share the same father. And Hassan has a son named Sohrab. These revelations are painful, as they conjure the beauty of what existed in the past and highlight how much both men have actually lost. Amir knows that he needs to rescue Hassan’s son, Sohrab, to atone for his son. Amir is finally able to make a good decision; a decision that would change his character and his life. Soon after, Amir realizes that he was the “monster in the lake” (p. --) of his prophetic dream responsible for the destruction of the innocent child Hassan and the death of Hassan the

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