The Role Of Regret In The Kite Runner

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Regret is an emotion that everyone has felt at one point or another. It affects people in many different ways and its influence can change lives. Regret is commonly felt throughout the novel The Kite Runner. This fictional novel by Khaled Hosseini follows the life of Amir, a young boy growing up in Kabul, and his difficult struggle with regret. The Kite Runner illuminates the power of regret and the lengths people will go to earn redemption. The novel in the beginning focuses on Amir and his best friend Hassan. The relationship between them is unique in the way that Hassan is Amir’s servant. Amir is embarrassed by Hassan but Hassan is completely devoted to Amir and would do anything for him. After the kite flying competition when Hassan runs to go fetch the fallen kite the novel comes to a turning point. Hassan gets beaten up and raped by…show more content…
Obeying his wishes Amir goes to Peshawar to see him and finds out he is half-brothers with Hassan. He is also informed that Hassan was killed and the reason Rahim Khan called him was to find Hassan’s son Sohrab who was in an orphanage. For Amir, finding Sohrab could mean his redemption. When Amir goes to the orphanage to find Sohrab he learns that he was taken by a Taliban official. Amir goes and finds the official that turns out to be Assef and wants to make a deal to get Sohrab. The deal turns out that Amir had to beat Assef in a fight. Amir tries but Assef is stronger and he gets badly hurt. The physical pain that Amir was feeling is what he had been wanting to feel since he had thrown pomegranates at Hassan. He wanted to physically feel the pain that had been inside himself for so long. In the end, Sohrab saves Hassan from Assef and Hassan adopts Sohrab. His redemption is saving Sohrab and trying to help him heal from the abuse he has gone

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