Amir's Suffering In The Kite Runner

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In The Kite Runner, it is evident that it is important for Amir to heal as he feels enormous guilt from the sins of his past. However, Baba and Assef do not feel the same intense need. Amir’s mother died in childbirth and Amir has always felt responsible for her death. He feels his father, Baba, is resentful towards him because of how his mother died. Through the Kite-Tournament, Amir wants to gain respect in his father’s eyes to heal his own guilt. He feels that he can “show [Baba] once and for all that [he] is worthy” by running the last kite and bringing it home to Baba, and finally his guilt of his mothers death will be healed. Baba stood up to the Russian soldier in the truck, to protect a young woman who would have been assaulted if it were not for Baba’s bravery. Baba states he’ll “take a thousand bullets before [he] lets this indecency take place,” this makes Amir feel ashamed for not doing the same for Hassan.…show more content…
When Amir faces Assef to save Sohrab, the physical pain that he endures helps him come to terms with what he had done when he was younger. His “body was broken…but he felt healed” because the physical pain helped him over come his emotional pain. Amir experiences immense healing when he stands up for Sohrab as he is no longer the coward he used to be. Amir needed to experience this healing, as the sins of his past have been haunting him ever since they

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