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The two religions that I will be comparing is the Islamic religion and the Eastern Orthodox religion. For basic beliefs, both of the religions are monotheistic which means they believe in one God. The difference though is that in the Islamic religion they believe that the one God does not have any sons or daughters while Eastern Orthodox believe in Jesus. In the Eastern Orthodox religion they believe in Saints and Baptism. Also, they believe in Eucharist, Holy Spirit, and the Trinity. On the other hand, Muslims believe that God is the Master, Sustainer and Cherisher of the Universe and that Angels were created by him. Also, Muslims believe that he sent messengers and prophets to all people, his last message was to Muhammad. Overall, Eastern Orthodox and Islam have some major differences but they do have some similarities. In order for a religion to last a long time they need to…show more content…
Sava Orthodox Cathedral and Islamic Society of Milwaukee have attracted many people because of their site and situation. St. Sava Orthodox is located on 51st and West Oklahoma Avenue where a large/heavy concentration of the Serbian population is located. On the other hand, the Islamic Society of Milwaukee is located on South 13th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53221. They are located there because when they were looking for properties to buy this one was the only one available. Both of these sites are isolated, they have only attracted different businesses to come. For example, the St. Sava Orthodox Cathedral is located very far away from the second Eastern Orthodox Cathedral, just like the Islamic Society of Milwaukee. This Orthodox Cathedral affected the cultural landscape by making many Serbs migrating due to the large concentration of Serbs previous to living. Both of these two religions also built an extra building for a school by it. Lastly, they plan many festivals by their sites that show their culture. Overall, these sites are the only ones that are located here in

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