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Martin Luther lived during the time of the Protestant Reformation. This was a time of thinking, and vast change in religion, people began to think outside of the Catholic religion "box". Martin Luther was just one of the many people who started to reform religion, and his thinking even lead to a religion. Luther changed many things in his new religion, including the Eucharist. His ideas about the Eucharist never strayed too far from the original Catholic belief, but there was clearly some differences. Luther began his life on November 10, 1483 in Eisleben, Saxony to parents Hans and Margarette. Luther was not always the devoted religious subject he is known as today, in 1505, Luther was caught in a storm and prayed to St. Anne. After this experience at sea he had an enlightenment and devoted his live to religion and became a monk.…show more content…
Arguably the biggest event in his life happened in 1517 when Pope Leo X announced a new round of indulgences to help build St. Peter's Basilica. This infuriated Luther, and ultimately made the reputation he has today. On October 31, 1517 Luther nailed a piece of paper to the doors of the church, this paper was called the 95 Theses. These Theses were suggested reformations to the Catholic Church that Luther saw a problem in. This act resulted in an angry Pope, who asked Luther to recant the 95 Theses in October 1518, to which Luther replied that he would not unless scripture proved him

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