Louise Monologue

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“I can hardly remember the days when we weren’t fighting with the British,” my older sister, Louise, pronounced one night at the dinner table. “No one can,” Father sighed. It is true, though, and we all know it. Papa and Mama both claim that soon everything will go back to the way it used to be. I, along with my sister, both know that our parents say that only to comfort us and our little twin brothers, and in reality, there is no luck of life ever going back to normal anytime soon. “We all just need to remain hopeful. Things will soon change. The British don’t know who they are messing with,” Mama said. However, with the British slaughtering our men faster than the blink of an eye, we all are having a very hard time remaining hopeful…show more content…
They should just stop fighting, because all our men are just dying instead of doing any good for the colonies,” I told Louise once we got up to our bedroom. “Well don’t worry, Maybeth, your dreams might just come true. The British are killing our men faster than the smallpox epidemic did itself. You know that. We all know that. And one day, they will need Papa to go fight. And once he does, he won’t be coming back.” Louise said. “Louise, that won’t ever happen. They don’t need Papa, nor do they want him.” I laid in bed that night afraid that if what Louise said was true, Papa will be gone. I could not fall asleep that night, whether it was the loud protest outside or the thought of men taking Papa away, I do not know. As the days passed, less and less of our men would hold large riots for very long, as they all were getting tired, and the men capable of fighting had gone to fight. I can remember August 19th like it was just yesterday. We got a few knocks at the door. Mama sent all of us children up to our bedrooms. Louise and I went to the little room we shared, and leaned our heads to the small hole in the floor, keeping very quiet, trying to hear what the men were talking to Mama and Papa
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